Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Four at Five-thirty

For some reason my body woke up at 5:18am this morning.  The sun was starting to rise, the birds were starting to chirp, the rest of the house was quiet.  Definitely, a great time for a run!

Since my last two 3-mile runs were successful in the sense that I did not have the hamstring pain, I decided to go for a longer run this morning.  I did my regular "4-mile loop" run (which is really 4.43 miles).  It was nice to run a bit longer - however....

It's UNCOMFORTABLE out there!

At 5:30am, it was 71 deg F with 91% humidity.  I was drenched at the end of my run.

How the heck did I ever train for half marathons in the stuff?  It's almost unbearable!  I know I may have complained about running in sub-20 degree weather a few months ago, but I'm starting to thing that I may prefer cold winter runs to melty summer ones.

The good news is that my pace on the run was pretty good for an easy run 10:38/mile which means I haven't lost too much while resting my hammy injury.

The not so good news is that I had a bit of discomfort in my hammy around 24 minutes into the run.  It came and went throughout the run, but didn't get too strong.  So it's not at 100% yet.  I guess I'll keep the sports doc appointment just to get an opinion on what's really going on and if I'm prolonging the healing by continuing to run...

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