Monday, June 16, 2008

Sports Doc

I went to the sports doctor/Orthopedic surgeon this morning.

He asked about the marathon - where I was originally injured - and was very surprised that I decided to run Frederick as my first marathon. 'Wow! That's hilly for a first marathon' was his response.

I brought my running shoes - he asked where I got them (he was happy to hear that I got them at a running store), he checked the wear pattern of the soles and said that he didn't see any issues from the wear pattern. He then did some range of motion checks on my legs - pushing them, pulling them, stretching them, etc. There were no "pain points" so he said that was a good sign.

His viewpoint is that I probably still have leftover inflammation in the area where the muscles meet the tendons. He had asked if I took any anti-inflammatories and I let him know that I took some ibuprofen (Vitamin I) for a week after the marathon. When he asked about the dosage I told him I took 1 or 2 pills at night. This was met with a bit of laughter...he explained that this is fine for a "analgesic" dose, but for an anti-inflammatory, you need to take 800mg (4 pills!) 3 times a day. He wants me to take an anti-inflammatory dose of ibuprofen for a week and see if this helps clear up the issue.

So...I may be dragging a bit this week. On an Ibuprofen high :-)


Rick said...

I was taking 800 mg 2 times a day at my worst pain. Hmm, I felt as if I was overdosing on the stuff. Apparently not. Do make sure you are drinking plenty of water consistently with the Vit I as it can be pretty harmful to your kidneys, liver, and GI system... if you didn't know this already.

Rick said...

Oh... glad the ortho didn't seem to think it was anything serious!