Friday, June 20, 2008

My Body Is Telling Me That I Need To Rest

I went out for a short run this morning around 6am.  Another 3 mile lake loop.  Another beautiful morning with temperatures in the high-50s and sunny with low humidity.  I could run every morning in this type of weather!

However, I think this is a bit of my problem.  Today was the third morning out of the past four days that I went running.  They were all short runs, but I'm supposed to be re-habbing my hammy.

Well, said hammy rebelled this morning.  About 20 min into the run - which is earlier than the discomfort has started since the week after the marathon.

I believe my body is telling me to rest.  I'm really considering not even taking my running shoes with me on our trip...that way I'll be forced to rest for 5 days.

Five days of being with family and not having an "out" to go running?  Am I nuts????

1 comment:

Rick said...

It may not be just a coincidence. ;-)

A week off may be good for you, both physically and mentally.