Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How To Get Back Into A Groove?

On both the blogging and running fronts, I am no longer "in a groove".

On the running front, I know it is because I'm trying to rest my hamstring. I'll try to take a few short runs again this week - but I have been going to bed too late each night and the thought of waking up at 5:15am to run is not palatable. I also have The Race For The Cure on my schedule this Saturday, and although this is not a 5K that I'll be "racing", it is still an easy jog that I have in my schedule (more about Race For The Cure in a future post this week...)

I'm not sure why I've hit a blogging "funk". Perhaps it's due to the fact that I'm not running (this is mainly a running blog, right?). Most of my physical activity over the past two weeks has revolved around Israeli Dancing - which is another reason I'm not running as much.

So, I'm a bit stuck here - now that the marathon is over, will I continue this as a mostly-running blog? Will it become a "the life of Mike Fox" blog? Will I retire the blog? Time will tell. I know that other recent first-time marathoners are having the same issues with their blogs.

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Sara said...

Hey Mike! Good to catch up on your blog. I know what you mean about falling out of the running and blogging groove. I haven't been doing much of either lately myself. I finally forced myself to sign up for a half marathon in September and am pretty excited about starting to run and train again. It's so easy to fall out of (or even back into) the groove when you want to. :)