Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Bit Of Speedwork

I headed out this morning for a run around 6:15am. Yes...that did not leave much time to be back at my desk for my daily 7:30am conference call.

I was hoping to get 5 or 6 miles in this morning, but I "slept in". So, as I started out I decided that I would do my neighborhood 4.5 mile loop and pick up the pace for a tempo run!

I just looked back at my running log to find the last speed workout I did - March 24. Wow! It's been a while.

Here's my splits:
Mile 1 - 10:11, avg HR 140
Mile 2 - 9:34, avg HR 165
Mile 3 - 8:57, avg HR 168
Mile 4 - 8:48, avg HR 173
.47 cooldown in 4:49 (10:14 pace)

I was definitely pleased since I'm a tad rusty in the speed department. Again, the high HR in mile 4 is a bit concerning. When I'm able to get more sleep after my project launches we'll see if that improves.

Oh...and I did make my conference call. I stood at my desk with my desk phone on speaker - drenched in sweat. It's definitely nice taking that call from home!! ;-)

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