Saturday, June 20, 2009

No Time To Blog - But Here's a Quick Update

With three more days to go until my project launches, I have been working like a dog. As of Friday night, I had already put in 65 hours - and I'm working Saturday and Sunday too. UGH!

To add to that, I started feeling sick on Sunday evening and I've been battling a cold this whole week. I went to the doctor yesterday and started a Z-pack - excellent decision as I feel sooooo much better today.

With feeling icky and working non-stop, I have not run AT ALL this week :-(

Last night, I opened two emails which contained big news. I would say that they were big surprises too, but both of them were distinct possibilities.

Email 1 - My division of Nortel is being bought out by Nokia Siemens. Read a bit more about it here. I've been with Nortel for almost 16 years! I'm excited to go to a company that has more stability and is not in bankrupcy protection, but I'm also a bit anxious about having to learn the ropes for a new employer.

Email 2 - I have been chosen to run for Team Run To Remember (R2R) at this year's New York City Marathon. I guess all that talk of not doing a full marathon this year is being thrown out the window...

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