Monday, June 8, 2009

Two For One!

I did get up early enough to run this morning. It was a little before 6am and I saw my son's light on - I asked him if he wanted to come running with me and at first he said no (he complained his knee was hurting him - he had fallen during his laser tag birthday party yesterday...). However, as I was getting ready, he changed his mind and off we went!

I still haven't pushed him up from the 3 minute jog / 1 minute walk yet since we have not been running so frequently as of late. We did 7 of these "sets" and covered 2 miles. After the 6th set we were near a water fountain - my son took in a huge amount of water and ended up getting a stomach cramp on the last run. I hope that was a learning experience for him...we'll see next time!

When I returned home, my 3 1/2 year old was waiting patiently for me to come home so WE could run together. We had a nice (uncontrolled) run around the block :-)

Maybe one day soon all three of us will be able to go out running together...

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