Friday, July 17, 2009

First Fundraiser On The Calendar!!!

On the fundraising front - I am currently sitting at $668 raised for the Alzheimer's Association.

I hadn't spread the word too much yet - I sent emails to my family asking for donations, and did some "passive" marketing - posting here on the blog and on my Facebook status - which has brought me some generous donations from people I did not count on giving.

However, today I went on an all out blitz.

I set up a fundraising night at the Star Diner in a few weeks - on August 5 (my birthday!). If you are local and want to attend, here's the details.

I'm sending the invite out to tons of people I know in the area - all of my local Facebook friends, Israeli Dance friends, the guys in my fantasy football league, people I know from synagogue, etc.

In the invitation, I have also included the link to the fundraising website - just in case they would like to give a donation as well.

Let's hope I get a big crowd on my birthday and some more donations on the fundraising page.

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