Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Over the $1K Mark!!!, A Lunchtime Run, And Tisha B'Av

On Tuesday, I officially went over the $1,000 mark in my fundraising. However, the website was showing less the $1,000 since one of my donations is a $25 check and it won't show up in the totals until it gets processed by the "home office".

So today I received another donation and got over the $1,000 mark on the website. Hooray!!!

I also blocked off time on my calendar to run at lunchtime (and do a backup on my computer while I was gone...great planning!).

The skies were really gray and the forecast called for thunderstorms (and it was just plain hot and humid outside), so I hit the gym.

The plan - Yasso 800s, 6 miles total. I set the treadmill on "Speed Interval" setting, with a 5.5 mph recovery speed (a little faster than an 11:00/mile pace) and a 6.5 mph interval speed (a 9:13/mile pace - or 4:37 interval time).

I got through all six intervals, however I was really getting tired at the end. My legs are a bit sore right now - on the sides of my thighs mostly. I'll try to stretch out a bit tonight.

Actually, tonight I will be going to Synagogue - it is the Jewish holiday of Tisha B'Av. It is a sad holiday which commemorates the destruction of the First and Second Temples in Jerusalem. I will be chanting a few excerpts of the Book of Lamentations at the service tonight.

It is customary to fast from sundown to sundown on this holiday...I don't think I have observed the fast completely since college, although, recently I have either not eaten until mid-day or not eaten food during the day - just drank water. I'm not sure if I'll be holding to this tomorrow or not. If so, I will not do my last weekday run tomorrow morning and I'll wait until Friday.

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