Friday, July 24, 2009

Running in Reverse

The scheduled called for an easy 3 miler today, but since my mid-week 6 miler was cut short to 4.5, I decided to run my normal 4.5 mile neighborhood loop.

However, to add a little variety, I decided to run it in reverse.

The thing that I noticed the most about running this route in reverse was the elevation changes. Of course I know where the uphills and downhills are - they're just opposite of when I run it the "normal" way. I just didn't realize how much it would make the route seem totally different.

Another positive step - my average HR for the first two miles was under 150 (pace of 11:02 and 10:38) and for mile 3 it was 152 (with a faster pace of 10:17). The big hill up Route 28 was in mile 4 - my average HR was at 162 at a 10:32 pace.

Final stats - 4.46 miles in 47:27 with an average HR of 153. I ran the same course (opposite direction) on Monday in 49:09 with an average HR of 153. It's always nice to see improvement!

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