Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weekday Runs - Done!

I wasn't exactly sure how I was going to fit in my weekday runs this week. I needed a rest day on Monday, after Sunday's 18 miler. I wanted to run this weekend's long run on Saturday, and given that the long runs are getting to be longer, it would have been nice to rest on Friday as well.

That meant running Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.

Lucky for me - running wise that is - work is a little slow right now :-) This may change, as one of the other accounts is looking for some Project Management support. I should find out more about this tomorrow.

However, this week was slow enough that I was able to get mid-day runs in on Wednesday and Thursday. Instead of 5, 8, 5 I did 5, 6, 6. I could not get a mid-day 8 miler in because of meetings I had on Wednesday afternoon...instead I did a 7x800 Yasso workout on the treadmill.

This afternoon I had the pleasure of running outside. It was overcast, a bit breezy, temperatures in the low 60s and threatening to rain...seemed perfect for a run! For some reason I was craving a trail run - probably after last week's half marathon which is mostly run on the Rock Creek Trail. I decided to run up to Great Seneca Park and on the roads in the of my favorite local runs is around Clopper Lake, but the last time I went there I almost wiped out 2 or 3 times and I promised myself I wouldn't run it alone again. I did run right past the west end of the lake and was able to look across and soak up the beauty.

On my way into Great Seneca Park, there were four deer standing in front of the path. They heard my footfalls and looked my way. When they realized I was coming toward them they all leaped back into the woods. I felt bad to interrupt them, but it definitely added to the beauty of the run.

Once I entered into the park, the threatening rain delivered! Luckily it only came down as a light steady stream - just enough to cool me down and bring a smile to my face. I thought about how I haven't run much in the rain this go around so this was good practice - just in case Nov 1 is rainy in New York.

I finished out the run with a bang - most of my splits were in the 10:40 range, however mile six was in 9:44. Nice! Final stats - 6 miles, 1:03:18 - 10:31/mile pace, average HR 145.

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