Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lack Of Sleep

As I wrote earlier in the week, I have been working on some upgrades this week which means maintenance window work. There have been a few issues that need to be resolved during the upgrades, so activities keep on being scheduled for subsequent nights - and I'll be working again tonight.

The most amount of consecutive hours of sleep I've gotten since Saturday night has been four. However, it has mostly been two hours of sleep here - two hours of sleep there. All at strange hours that my body is not used to (9pm to 11pm, 5am to 7am, 10am to noon, etc.).

There's a possibility that I could go for a run this afternoon - when I take my older son to his tennis lesson I could just run during the lesson (and then quickly shower when I get home before going to rehearsal for the Israeli Dance Troupe that I co-direct).

However, I've decided not to do it today. I'm starting to feel a bit run down.

I've lined up for my folks to take my younger one to nursery school tomorrow morning - that should allow me a few extra hours of sleep since I won't be "on duty" from 7am to 9:30am. I may even get a normal amount of sleep! (even if the hours are shifted...)

If I can get some good sleep, I hope to get a run in at some point tomorrow.

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