Friday, October 2, 2009

When Do I Switch To Long Sleeves?

So, Thursday morning I stepped out the door for my run and it felt mighty chilly. The past few mornings had been in the low 50s, so I had laid out a short-sleeved technical t-shirt and running shorts the night before. However, when I opened the front door that morning it seems a bit more crisp than usual.

I decided that it was no problem - I would warm up mid-run and be thankful I was in short sleeves.

A few other runners that I saw had on tights or pants, some with a running jacket. Of course the dog walkers that morning were nice and bundled up.

For the most part I felt comfortable. A bit on the cold side - but after the heat and humidity of the summer I was thankful to not have to deal with that yucky mucky air.

When I got back home, I check the computer to see just how chilly it was.

42 degrees!

Perhaps long sleeves would have been a good idea? what point will the cold mornings really be cold enough to wear long sleeves, or tights or a jacket and beanie?

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