Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Lunchtime Run On A Really Windy Day

Today was my scheduled lunchtime run (unlike yesterday where I ran on my lunch hour because I overslept).

On the plan was 5 miles. I was really dreading the thought of doing the same 5.5 mile loop that I always do. I wanted to find some new trails. I wanted to explore. Then reality set in...I need to run 5 miles, shower and shovel some food down my gullet in the 90 minutes that I have set aside. I need to start and end my run from my home office and that's final!

However, instead of doing the normal loop, I decided to just meander around the neighborhood. There are a few walking trails through the woods and around the lakes, so I would just focus on hitting these and running some of the streets between them.

I ended up running 4.9 hilly miles. Near the lakes there were some pretty strong headwinds. The rest of the time, it was just a constant whirling wind to carry the autumn leaves across the sky. I love fall :-)

Stats: 4.9 miles in 50:57. A 10:25/mile pace with an average HR of 147.

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