Tuesday, October 21, 2008


After my cough became much worse last night - hacking the evening away - my wife told me it was time to go to the doctor and get it checked out.

I'm glad I listened to her. It ends up I have bronchitis. Good thing I've been smart and I haven't been running over the past few days.

I'll be on antibiotics for a week. I'm hoping that I'll be OK to run by the weekend.

Meanwhile, I've still been itchin' to run. Over the past two weeks I have run a total of 10 miles. Over the 40 weeks previous to that (i.e. since the beginning of the year) I have averaged 20 miles a week. That's a huge drop-off. Here are a few observations that I have had:
  • Whenever I see another person running outside, I wish I could be them
  • The milk crate in my closet that I use for my running clothes that need to be washed is empty
  • Some of my pants are starting to get a bit snug in the waist (OK...having this rut during the Jewish Holidays - when I'm eating a ton - doesn't help)
  • I have no idea what is on my iPod shuffle right now
  • I'm less focused at work
Oh...I can't wait to get a run in this weekend!!!!

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Kevin said...

Man, I totally hear you on the missing running. I'm okay now, but when I have to take time off for sickness or work, and I see other people running, its like, dangit, wish i was out there.