Friday, October 31, 2008

Running At Night, HRM Watch is Dead and Push Ups Update

I decided to go out for a 3-mile run last night. Work has been crazy busy over the past two days (I was at site in Columbia, MD) and eating out a lot since I was not in the office. So...a run was necessary to gain some sanity back.

Of course I kept to the sidewalks on main roads, wore my reflector vest and no iPod, but running at night still freaks me out at times. There's a stretch on Quince Orchard Road - a four lane road with a median and sidewalks on both sides of the street - where there are no street lamps. It is dark!

My HRM watch officially died. Luckily, I have an older one to use in the interim. The older model only shows HR -or- running time -or- time of day - not all three at the same time like my current Polar S120. For $20 I'm sending the S120 into Polar repair for a new battery. I'm hoping this is all it needs. I would love to get a Garmin 305 or 405 - but I can't justify the $300 to $400 price tag.

I have finished out Week 2 of the Hundred Push Ups Challenge. I was not able to get through the Day 3 workout - I did 12, 13 and 10 push ups for the first three sets. Set four I was only able to muster 8 push ups. For the last "max" set I was only able to do 10 - not at least 15. Still, I did 53 push ups today! I'll do another "exhaustion test" this weekend to see what the plan will be for Week 3.


Chris@PolarUSA said...

Hi Mike,

Too bad about the battery. We'll get it turned around quickly for you! We use the Nite Trec ear warmers for the night time runs. The build in LED's make things a bit safer:) Plus it keeps your ears toasty.

-Chris @ Polar

Zia said...

Spring for the garmin, I love mine! (maybe an early hannukah gift to yourself?)

Mike Fox said...

Of course I would love to spring for the Garmin, but JDS tuition has really hurt us - I feel bad springing for some of the race entry fees ($40-$50 for a big race) let alone a $400 toy!