Friday, October 3, 2008

Sneaking In A Run :-)

It was 4:35pm.  Work was slowing down.  No emails had come in for about 30 minutes and I had just touched base with the engineer who was going to resolve the last issue that I needed completed before the end of the week.

And it was a sunny, 70 degree afternoon with a slight breeze.

Definitely time for a RUN!!!!

I shut down, jumped into some running gear and hit my 3.25 mile lake loop.  The trees are starting to show some red, yellow and orange - seeing their reflection on the lake while the late afternoon sun beat down against a gentle breeze was just an awesome end to the week.

I found myself pushing faster and running stronger a lot of the way.  I ended up running a 9:54/mile pace at 153 average HR.  That was a much better use of time than waiting for another email or phone call at the office :-)

I got home before 5:30pm, showered and was downstairs for Shabbat dinner in a flash.  Have a nice weekend everyone!!!

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