Thursday, April 9, 2009

Feeling Better - But Still Not Running

The good news - antibiotics are doing their thing and I'm no longer hacking the night away.  Also, my "soccer injury" is and rest were all I needed.

The not so good news - I still haven't made it back into the running groove.  Passover started last night - and we hosted a seder with 15 people (tonight we're hosting another seder for 18 - oy!) so I've been up late preparing, which means the last thing I want to do is wake up early to run.  I was thinking of perhaps doing a lunchtime run today, but I'd feel really guilty if I go out and run while my wife is watching the kids and preparing dinner for 18 people (actually, I should really go into the house and have her go for a quick run to let off the steam that I'm sure will have accumulated by 12:30pm in that situation...).

I'll likely be going to bed late tonight, but maybe I'll be able to muster up the strength to go out for an early morning easy run tomorrow.  I need to get back to running.

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