Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Night Before My Half Marathon - UGH!

OK...I'm not freaking out too badly.  However, I seem to have a bit of anxiety this time around.

Perhaps it's because I don't feel "ready" to run a timed 13.1 miles tomorrow?  Due to not training much after recovering from bronchitis?  Due to still feeling I'd rather stay in bed than getting out of bed for my morning runs?  Due to the fact that I'm just 24 hours removed from an exhausting vacation with my two rambunctious -full-of-energy sons at Great Wolf Lodge?

Perhaps it's not because I'm worried about can I cover the distance (my worry for my first half marathon), but more that I'm not sure what kind of race I'll run.  The last half marathon I ran I stopped running around mile 10 and walked (with a little running) the rest of the way.  I haven't run anything over 7 miles in the past month!  How am I going to get through 13???  (OK, so perhaps I am worried about covering the distance after all...)

On the flip side, I have two things going for me - 1) the weather is supposed to be wonderful - race time should be partly cloudy with temperatures in the 50s.  2) I don't have high expectations for this race, so the pressure is off.  I'm not aiming for a specific time or a new PR, so if I do awesome, that's wonderful - and if I don't, that's OK too.

My race plan hasn't changed much from what I thought about last weekend.  Keep my HR under 155 for the first 6.5 miles.  From mile 6.5 to mile 10, keep my HR under 165.  For the last 5k, see how I'm feeling - if I feel good, kick it up a notch; if I feel lousy do what I need to do to get across the finish line.

I've got my things ready to go - my Garmin is charged, my race bib is pinned to my shirt ( bib number is 40 - I almost feel like an elite runner with a number that low!), I have everything else laid out - GU, body glide, 3M Nexcare waterproof tape to prevent nipple chafe (very important!), water bottle, etc.

Last thing to do is get a good night sleep.  I guess the kids will have something to say about that one...let's hope their not up in the night.  I have some Children's Benedryl ready if they dare enter my room while I'm sleeping!   :-)

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