Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Running in the Morning - Finally!

I finally got a morning run in today!

I woke up about 6:10am and quickly got in my workout clothes.  It was cold and rainy outside, but I had planned accordingly and my gym back was packed.

I decided to do a little speedwork, but I ended up running out of steam before I could finish the entire workout.  I was going to try to do intervals of 1/4, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 miles with 1/4 mile recoveries.  I set the treadmill for 5.4 mph recoveries (11 min/mile pace) and 7.4 mph intervals (a little under an 8 min mile pace).

My HR was up in the mid-170s at the end of my second interval, and it hit 180 after the 3/4 mile interval.  So I knew that I couldn't run the mile as an interval.  Instead I ran it a little faster than a 10 minute mile for the first 3/4 and then back up to the 8 min mile pace for the last quarter.

Stats - 4.5 miles, 44:27 - 9:53/mile pace.  Avg HR 158, Max HR 180.

I'm going to try a short easy run tomorrow morning.  After that we're taking the kids to Great Wolf Lodge for a little vacation!!!  We'll be back Friday evening - just in time to recouperate before the Half Marathon on Sunday.

BTW...the weather report for Sunday looks nice.  No rain, high of 65 degrees (race time will likely be in the 50s - beautiful!).  I just hope I'm in good enough shape to get through the entire 13.1 miles...

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Marcy said...

OOoooo have fun on that vacation!! ;D ;D