Monday, April 20, 2009

Looking Ahead - It's 5K Season!

It's kind of a weird feeling - I really have NOTHING on my running calendar right now.  (OK, I just finished running a Half Marathon yesterday...give yourself a break!!!)

So, I went over to the Montgomery County Road Runner's Club website to see what "low-key" races they have.  When I started running, I used to go to these races a lot.  First of all, they're free to club members.  Second of all, they're all local races which makes it really easy to fit into the schedule.

Between now and early June, there are four 5K races - two cross-country races and two road races (one of these are on an asphalt trail - but I don't think it qualifies as a trail race since it's on asphalt!).

It looks like I may be focusing on the 5K for the next few months.  The price is right, the races are close and I don't have to train a ton.  Unless I want to try and beat my PR from last summer...

After June, I'll likely switch gears to distance again and train for Riley's Rumble and the Parks Half Marathons.  Perhaps I'll sneak another Half Marathon in the October/November timeframe as well.

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Rick said...

This sounds like a great plan. Should garner you some more speed as well.