Monday, April 13, 2009

Two Running Days In A Row!

Even though I'm not back up to 100% of where I was pre-bronchitis, I definitely have the bronchitis beat!  I ran for the second day in a row - and no hacking up a lung - Woo Hoooooo!

Anyhow, I'm still not up to waking up early in the morning to get my run in - I'm staying up way too late to do that.  One of these days I'll try to get back on a "runner's schedule" and go to sleep earlier.

Since I didn't get the run in earlier - and there was a large chunk of my late morning without a conference call or other work meeting - I took the opportunity to get into my running clothes around 11:30am and sneak out for a lunchtime run.  My neighborhood 4.4 mile loop - which I hadn't run in two months.

A few observations:  it felt a lot chillier than the 49 degrees which the weather site said it was; whoa! - that hill on Argosy Drive is much steeper than I remember it; I'm starting to feel a bit sore (I just ran 7 miles yesterday, right?).  I even got a bit of a fartlek into my run - when I turned onto Muddy Branch Road, I saw that if I picked up the pace that I would be able to cross Great Seneca Highway with the light instead of waiting for another round of lights - or running up the side of the street with no sidewalk and then playing Frogger to get across the road later on.

I listened to music on today's run - Green Day's American Idiot - so I had a hard time keeping my pace slow like yesterday.  Since I did so well reigning it in yesterday, I didn't care about controlling it today.

Not that I was blazing fast or anything - 4.46 miles in 45:39 - a 10:14/mile pace.  Avg HR of 158.

Tomorrow is a definite rest day.  Then I'll run Wednesday and Thursday and rest until Sunday's race.

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