Saturday, September 6, 2008

8 On The Treadmill

It was a wet morning - but not raining when I first woke up.  I checked a weather radar on the internet and I saw that there were some strong showers coming my way soon, so I decided to hit the gym instead of risk it outside.  It was a good call!

When I walked outside before my run it was warm and muggy - another good reason not to run outside.

Running on a treadmill is sooooo boring.  I had some good tunes with me - a mix of popular Israeli music from the past decade that is more on the mellower side, but with good melodies to get lost in.  I also chose a treadmill under a ceiling fan to keep cool and be more comfortable.  I kept up a 10:00/mile pace and kept my heart rate in the 150 bpm range for most of the 8 miles.

By the time I left the gym, a steady rain was coming down outside.  Hurricane Hanna has arrived.  Although running outside is so much more pleasant than the treadmill, I'm glad I ran inside today!

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