Friday, September 19, 2008

Follow-up From The Parks Half Marathon

During my post from The Parks Half Marathon, I mentioned that there was a runner that had collapsed around 11.5 miles.  It ends up he had heat stroke.  My sister sent me this tidbit from a weekly newsletter that she receives from The Sergeant's Program:
  • Hi Everyone, The doctors feel he's progressing: no fever, blood pressure has stabilized, heart and brain are clear and healthy. They are concerned about the liver and kidneys, but they can deal with that if need be.   His wife told us the story of how he collapsed. She was waiting at the finish line wondering what was taking him so long. Meanwhile, he was already at Suburban for that hour and a half, faceless/nameless as he had no ID. He fell, and a woman stopped to help him (a trainer), and right behind her was a nurse. One ran to call 911 while the other elevated his head and feet. Apparently, the ambulance couldn't get down to the path so these two women along with another 2 women, carried him over to where the ambulance was going to pull up. His wife thinks these women saved his life. The nurse who saw his name on his shirt (before it was cut off him), googled it and tracked down his home phone number. His wife was so overwhelmed with what this stranger did for him...she couldn't speak. 
Amazing story of how runners help each other.  Also, a very scary story about the runner having no ID.  I'm glad that I wear my RoadID on my shoe.  Every runner should get one of these - just in case a situation like the one above happens.

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