Sunday, September 28, 2008

Back To Reality

This past weekend I was in Cleveland (Medina, OH) and Ann Arbor, MI - visiting a friend of mine from college and going to the UofM vs Wisconsin football game.

The weekend was great - complete with a Michigan victory and visits in Ann Arbor to Dominick's and Cottage Inn (I also got a chipati carry-out from Pizza Bob's). Of course, this means that I overate and consumed waaay more alcohol than my body is used to now.

I returned this afternoon and have been "going and blowing" ever since. I led the Israeli dance group at my synagogue. When I got back, I quickly ate dinner and helped put the kids to be and then started to set up for Rosh HaShana Eve dinner tomorrow night (we're having 18 people for dinner). I then logged into work for a bit. I'm finally sitting down and watching football!

I'm not sure what kind of running week I'll have since it is Rosh HaShana on Tuesday and Wednesday. I should try to run at least one of the days, if not both. With Jewish Holidays comes lots of food...

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