Friday, September 26, 2008

Early (No-So) Rainy Run

My younger son was up in the middle of the night again. So when I couldn't get back to sleep and the clock was showing 4:50 on it, I decided to just brush my teeth and get into my running clothes already (my alarm was going off in 25 minutes anyway...what's the difference???)

I hemmed and hawed about my first big decision of the morning. To run outside or at the gym. Over the past 24 hours, the weather here has been much cooler and it started to rain yesterday afternoon and continued through the night. At 4am I could hear the wind swooshing around outside and the drizzle hitting the windows. Cold rain - YUCK! Treadmill at 5am - BORING! What's a guy to do????

I decided to grab my reflector vest and go outside. It ended up being an excellent choice :-)

I got outside at 5:15am and noticed that it had stopped raining. It also was not as cold as I was expecting (it ended up being in the high-50s at that time, not the low 50s/high 40s). I had put a bunch of Led Zeppelin albums on my iPod shuffle last night - I turned it on and the song that popped up was "The Rain Song" - whoa!

It ended up being a really nice run. It ended up raining lightly on me for about 10 minutes - but it was a refreshing drizzle - not the bone-chilling downpour that I was dreading. I just wish it would get lighter a bit earlier. Running for a full hour in the darkness is a downer. I mean, at least give me the sunrise as an incentive for exercising on the early side!

Today's stats - 5.51 miles in 57:53. 10:31/mile pace. 147 avg HR, 161 max HR. This put me at 20 miles for the week and 782 miles for the year (yes...I am still on pace for 1,000 miles this year!). The Brooks Defyance shoes I bought 5 weeks ago now have 111 miles on this rate, I'll need another pair by Chanukah!

No more running this week. And probably no more blogging. I'll be heading up to Ann Arbor for tomorrow's UofM vs Wisconsin football game. GO BLUE!!!!