Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Six on the W&OD Trail

Today I was scheduled to be in Northern Virginia again. I decided that I would pack up my gym bag, leave earlier to beat the traffic, run on the W&OD Trail and shower at the Fitness First in Reston.

I left the house around 6:25am and got around the Beltway pretty quickly. Car was parked in front of the gym by 7am and 5 minutes later I was running on the trail. I pick it up at the 17.5 mile marker - my plan was to run towards Herndon again, this time to the 20.5 mile marker and then come back.

The plan was also to keep my HR under 150 as much as possible. I want to get back to training at a slower pace to improve aerobic efficiency.

The weather was wonderful once again - temperatures in the high-50s and clear skies. Towards the end of my run the sun was getting higher in the sky and starting to warm things up a bit.

It was a great run - 6 miles at a 10:13/mile pace. Average HR was 149 and max was 165 (I don't remember getting that high during the run...perhaps it was while I was going over an overpass or something). More importantly, whenever my HR started getting into the low 150s I slowed down a tad and brought it into the 140s. This made for a nice, steady run. Too bad I had to go to work this morning, as I would have loved to run twice as long on this trail!

This was the third day in a row that I have run. I'm compressing my schedule this week as I'll be heading to Ann Arbor, MI this weekend to see the UofM Football game! Unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to squeeze in a run this weekend, so I'm trying to get some miles in during the week.

I'll likely take a rest day tomorrow and then run on Friday morning. So far I have close to 15 miles for the week, so I still may be able to make it a 20 mile week with a 5 miler on Friday.

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