Friday, July 25, 2008

Beuatiful Morning for a Run!

When I stepped out of the house this morning at 6am, it was not into the thick, warm, soupy air that I have gotten accustomed to running in lately. Instead, the air almost had a crisp to it. It was 60 degrees and not much humidity. And although 15 minutes earlier I felt like laying in bed was a better option than going out for my run, I'm glad I laced up my shoes and got out the door - since mornings like this in July in Maryland are few and far between.

Today's plan - jog up to the QOHS track. Do 5X50m short strides with a 2 min rest between intervals (this is a 300m jog for me, so each complete interval is 350m or 7/8 around the track). Then jog back home.

It ends up that I was so sleepy this morning that I had forgotten how to use my HRM watch. After the jog up to the track, I stopped the watch to put my water bottle down and stretch a bit. When I went to start my first interval, instead of hitting the "start" button, I hit the "complete" button. Grrr. So instead of running at that time I looked in the File (my HRM watch only saves one "file" of your last run) to see how long it took me to run up to the track and what my average HR was. Then I was off to do my intervals. After my intervals, I stopped my watch to take a drink of water and walk a bit before jogging back home. And wouldn't you know it, I did the same exact thing and hit "complete" instead of "start"! So...I had to remember two times and HRs to put into my log.

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