Monday, July 21, 2008

Weight Creeping Up and Tempo Run

Earlier in the year, I had designated Mondays as my "weigh-in" days.  I had tipped the scales on Jan 1 at 172 pounds and I knew I needed to get it back down towards I was back to counting calories and weekly weigh-ins.

I brought my weight down to 161.5 at it's lowest point in March.  At that point, I have a few weeks where I was running out of energy and I decided that with the marathon training plan ramping up my mileage, I could just eat when my body was telling me to eat.

The problem was, that I didn't get "back on the wagon" after the marathon!  For the past two months, I have been eating more than I should and not burning it off like I was doing at the beginning of the year. weight is back up to 166 pounds.  With my birthday and anniversary around the corner, I'm in serious jeopardy of returning to last year's cycle.

So, I'm back to counting calories as of today.  I'm meeting a friend for lunch today at Cosi and I checked out a few options at - it looks like I'll be getting either the Hummus and Fresh Veggie Sandwich (432 Calories) or the Tomato Basil and Mozzarella Melt (666 Calories) and not my usual Tuna Melt (1,012 Calories).

Also, I'm going to try and limit the desserts (to zero?) until my birthday in two weeks.  I'm not sure how that will go as my wife has two Pampered Chef shows in that span where she will be making these awesome chocolate caramel nut brownies as part of the demonstration - and there are usually leftovers that she brings home.  UGH!!!!

After stepping on the scale this morning, I went out for my tempo run.  The plan was like last week - first mile with HR less than 150bpm, then bring it up to tempo pace of 165bpm for 30 minutes, then slow it back down for the remainder of the run.

I ended up with a total time of 45:48 - a 10:24/mile pace.  The first slow mile was at 11:04 and 138 average heart rate.  The next 30 minutes I covered a little over 3 miles - 9:57/mile pace at 168 average heart rate.  It was a bit faster than last week - even with the warmer temperature - and I felt good.  I'm starting to "see the light" and I have confidence that I'll get back to the pace that I was running a few months ago.

Once again, no more pain behind my knee.  I may have finally shook this thing!!

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