Thursday, July 3, 2008

Change of Plans??

I'm running in the Autism Speaks 5K tomorrow morning.

My original plan was to take it easy and run with a friend of mine who is a recreational runner but says he's not in good running shape and wanted to take it slow.  However, I got a call late this afternoon that he will not be able to run tomorrow.

So....I now have a few choices:  My sister will also be at the race, so I can run with her (I was starting to get excited about running a race with someone, since I've always run them solo), I can still take it easy but still run alone, or I can flat out race it.

It should be an interesting decision.  I'm leaning towards running with my sister and forgetting about time.  I'm still only a few days removed from the hamstring pain disappearing and the last thing I want to do is aggravate it again, so taking it easy may be the smart way to go.

After tomorrow, I'll have another decision to make about races.  I originally had the Riley's Rumble Half Marathon on my calendar.  It's July 27, which is three weeks away.  My mileage has been quite low lately due to the hammy issue, however, now that it is improving should I try to ramp up for this one?  I was really hoping to do this race, the Parks Half Marathon on September 14 and then another half marathon either in October or November.


*jeanne* said...

Riley's Rumble is a GREAT race. But it is quite challenging - rolling country hills, hot & humid weather.

And watch out for deer!

Mike Fox said...

I have run Riley's the past two years - so I know about the hills...and THE DEER!

I ran by the runner who was hit by a deer two years ago (I was still on my way out and he was on his way back from the turnaround), and they had already called for medical attention. Of course at the time I did not know he was hit by a deer that ran onto the course...I just saw an injured runner down.

It looks like I may do Riley's again this year - but more as a long training run instead of a "race". We'll see how the weather is before I decide to run 13 miles on a July morning :-)