Thursday, July 31, 2008

My Race In Exactly Six Words

Fellow running blogger Pigtails Flying authored a post entitled "My Race, in Exactly Six Words" (I just realized that the title of the post also has exactly six words...yes, I'm a bit slow on the uptake some days).

In the post, she wrote a six word race report for herself and also wrote some for the elite runners that competed in the US Olympic Trials a few weeks ago. She then called out to fellow bloggers to post their own reports (Amazingly, I was one of the bloggers that she mentioned in her blog!!!).

Here were my contributions:

Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon (7/27/08 )
“Walked hills; 13.1 never felt better”

Frederick (MD) Marathon (5/4/08 - my first 26.2)
“Traffic jam? No problem - chip timed”
“PRed first 13.1; painful second half”
“Frederick - where cows come to cheer!”

Riley’s Rumble Half Marathon (7/29/07)
“I shouldn’t have run those hills”

Thomas Labrecque Classic DC (9/17/06)
“ChampionChip tie-wrap continuously whips leg - Ouch!”

Kentlands 5K (9/3/2005)
“First sub 30 minute 5K - HOORAY!”

Feel free to post some of your race experiences (in exactly six words) here - or on Pigtails' blog. Don't worry...I won't call on anyone specifically :-)

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