Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Training Plan Tweaks

Yesterday, I posted my training plan for a faster 5K.  I took a look at what was posted and made a few changes which I've implemented.

First, I added some notes to the bottom as to the plan's definitions of Short Strides, Long Strides, Hill Sprints, etc.  I also corrected some spelling mistakes (nit-picky, I know...but I didn't like looking at the work aeorbic)

Most importantly, I shifted the schedule one day of the week.  Originally, the schedule had runs on both Saturday and Sunday with a rest day on Monday.  However, that doesn't work in my house - if I'm going to run on Saturday morning, I like to have my wife take Sunday morning.  So, now my "long run" is on Saturday and my rest day is on Sunday.  I was used to this schedule from my marathon training and I think it will do much better for "shalom bayit".  It also makes sense since the race is on a Saturday - but that was a very weak reason to shift the schedule...I could always just move a few workouts around the week of the race to make things fall into place.

Since I gave blood on Monday, I did not run my scheduled workout today.  I also didn't do a tempo run on Monday morning like the plan says (OK...I didn't realize I was going to follow this plan until yesterday - so give me a break!).  I will get with the program starting tomorrow - either by running 3 days in a row or by running Thursday, Friday and then on Sunday, taking Saturday off.  Either way, I'm not going to expect a stellar week given the blood donation and the lower mileage leading over the past two months due to the hammy injury.

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