Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Time To Slim Down

Since July I have watched my weight creep up - slowly and steadily. In mid-July I went to the doctor for a bi-annual cholesterol check and I believe I weighed in on the home scale at 162 (the doctor's scale was 164...I like using the home scale's numbers!). This week I weighed in (at home - not at the doctors) at 171. YIKES!

Much of this is due to overeating while out of my normal routine/home environment. Since the first week of August, my weekly schedule has been:
Week of My Birthday / Family Vacation to Michigan / My Anniversary / Business Trip to Nashville / Business Trip to RTP / "normal week" / Rosh Hashanah / Business Trip to RTP / Yom Kippor and Sukkot / "normal week" / Matan's Birthday weekend / Halloween / "normal week" / Business Trip to Dallas / Thanksgiving / Family Trip to Michigan for a Bar Mitzvah / Channukah / "normal week" / Family Trip to Baltimore during Winter Break

I did run two races in that span - the Parks Half Marathon and the Bethesda Turkey Chase. I think the training that I did during this span kept me from gaining more weight than I actually did!

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