Friday, January 25, 2008

New Gear For Tomorrow's Long Run!

Today's Total Calorie Intake:  1942

Tomorrow is a 9 mile long run - too long to really run inside on the treadmill, so I'm going to run outside.  However, I checked the weather report and it looks like it will be around 20 degrees in the morning when I go to run - Yikes!

I went to my local Fleet Feet running store to get a water belt since this run will be longer than any of my previous training runs have been and I will need to stay hydrated.  I ended up purchasing the Amphipod RunLite belt with three bottles and a pouch.  This system is modular - you can take bottles off or add ones on later, and you can change the placement and direction of the bottles (bottles can be set horizontally or vertically on the belt).

While I was trying the belts on, I was discussing how I'm not looking forward to running in the cold tomorrow and the saleswoman told me about the Mizuno tops that warm up when you sweat.  They had one left in the store and I took it.  The ironic thing is that I'm now actually looking forward to tomorrow's run in the 20 degree weather to see if the shirt actually works!

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