Saturday, January 26, 2008

The New Gear Review

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I had purchased a Mizuno Breath Thermo top and an Amphipod RunLite water belt that I would use on this morning's run.  I'm very happy with both purchases :-)

The Mizuno top kept me relatively warm - it was 23 degrees outside when I left the house, and I was wearing the Mizuno top and a New Balance windbreaker.  Within about 5 minutes into my run, my torso did not feel cold at all (my fingers started to get cold again after about an hour and fifteen minutes, so I may need to invest in a new pair of gloves...).

I'm very glad that I purchased the Amphipod as my water belt.  I started with the two water bottles on my back and eventually moved them more towards my sides instead.  Most other water belts have pre-determined locations for your water bottles and it was nice to be able to move these around when they felt uncomfortable.  BTW, towards the end of my run, the water droplets that were at the top of each of the water bottles started to freeze, so I had instant ice water.  That's how cold it was this morning :-)

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