Saturday, January 12, 2008

No Clopper Lake :-(

When I walked outside this morning I saw my lawn was still a bit muddy, so I chose not to run at Clopper Lake.  I have taken a spill on the trail there a few times when it was dry - tripping on rocks or tree roots - and I didn't want to take a chance with mud and wet leaves.  So, I hit the streets again!

Again, the chilly temperatures - and getting lost in the music - sped me up to faster than I should have been for a long run.  My average heart rate was 159 should be closer to 150 bpm.  I'll need to slow it down next week.  I kept a 11:10 min/mile pace over the 7.3 miles...not bad for a long run.

This time I listened to a random music mix on my iPod Shuflle.  I started off with REM's "Me In Honey", it ended with Bruce Springsteens "Worlds Apart"  and had a bunch of tunes from across different time periods and genres in between (Green Day, Jimi Hendrix, Billy Joel, Sheryl Crow, J-Lo, Shai Gabso, etc.)

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