Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Back On Track

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 1837

This morning was my first run after giving blood on Monday. I decided it would be at the gym on the treadmill (I checked the weather last night and it said low of 23 degrees with a light wind - I whimped out on the cold again...).

When I put my HRM on while getting ready, my resting heart rate was in the high 70s, so I knew that it was going to be a slower day. Luckily, I did not feel sluggish - I just couldn't run as fast at the same heart rate. My pace was a full minute per mile slower than Monday's run (11:50 per mile today vs 10:50 per mile on Monday) but I kept my average heart rate under 150 and felt good.

I had thrown a mix of Israeli tunes in my iPod including songs by David D'or, Danny Robas, Gidi Gov, Sarit Hadad and Harel Moyal.

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