Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Reversing Direction...and Speeding Up?

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake:  2059
(Exercise Calories:  446)
Total Net Calories:  1613

Another beautiful morning - 52 degrees when I stepped outside a little before 6am.  I ran the same route this morning as yesterday - but in reverse...and I ran it about a minute faster!  (16 seconds per mile faster).  I'm not sure why today was a faster day than yesterday - it could be due to the uphills being towards the beginning of the route today instead of at the end of the route yesterday, it could be because I wore shorts instead of tights (yesterday was a bit too warm for the tights, but I did not realize it until I was outside and running away) and it could just be that my body is getting used to this idea of running more frequently.

Since I may be running in the Frederick Marathon, I decided it was a good time to practice my "farmer's blow" (I apologize to any blog readers who are farmers or are rural enough to take offense at the term - or those who are easily grossed out).  But seriously, during the winter months when I run outside my nose tends to run a bit.  Normally, I'm wearing my running jacket since it's cold outside and I carry tissues with me...but since today it was so warm I did not have my jacket on (and thus no tissues).  Perhaps I need to take something to clear those nasal passages before I run...

I also finally listened to some music from this century :-)  "Ben Kweller".  Although not a "beat pumping" album to run to, the tracks "Run" and "I Gotta Move" keep me upbeat and moving.

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