Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Avoiding The Nighttime Snack Binge...

One thing that counting calories helps me avoid is the "Nighttime Snack Binge".

Last night would have been disastrous if I were not counting calories. I had run in the morning - so my body was ready to burn as much fuel as I would have given it (and believe me...it was wanting more fuel!) and I was watching a football game (it was the so-called College Football "National Championship Game"...they really need a playoff system - how can a 2-loss team be crowned the National Champs when there are 1-loss teams out there?).

I normally would have kept going back for snacks throughout the entire game and perhaps had a beer or two. Instead, I took two servings of tortilla chips out of the bag (about 30 chips / about 300 calories) and poured some salsa in a dish. When it was gone, I was finished snacking.

Perhaps that's another reason why I did so well on my run this morning...I didn't have all of that extra food weighing me down!

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