Sunday, January 13, 2008

Long Run Days

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake: 2606
(Exercise Calories: 985)
Total Net Calories: 1621

Yesterday was my second long run day. I was a bit sore towards the end of the day, but I feel really good this morning (ready to hit the gym for some cross training). I was a little worried yesterday since it was only a little over 7 miles that I ran - what's going to happen when I start running 10, 15 or 20 miles? I think the main thing I'll need to do on my long runs is slow it down a heart rate was a bit too high on yesterday's run.

One other observation on long run days - I burn so many calories that I'm going to be able to eat pretty much whatever I want! It was great to sit down in front of the game last night have some beer and chips and know that my body will burn right through those extra calories (hopefully...we'll see tomorrow morning when I weigh in!).

Off to the gym to hit either the stationary bike or elliptical machine!


Zia said...

Have you thought about joining up with a local running club or training group? That's what I do for my long runs and it makes it so much fun/tolerable. :-)

Thanks for blogging, you are awesome!!

Mike Fox said...

I almost joined a training group for the Frederick Marathon, but the weekly runs did not fit my schedule. With watching the kids while Sherry tutors in the evenings and Sundays, I usually need to fit my runs in the early morning.

Perhaps I'll join a training group for a future marathon when the kids are a bit bigger...we'll see.