Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jogging on Jog Road

For this morning's run, I hit the main streets around the perimeter of my parent's development.  One of the streets is Jog Road...I found it very appropriate to be jogging up Jog Road :-)

One big change that I noticed on my run (besides the fact that the weather is much warmer, of course!) is in the types of birds that were flying over head.  This morning, I saw a few small herons, and lots of gulls (there was also a flock of some type of white birds with a long skinny beak - I don't think they were great egrets, but they resembled them).  My neighborhood in Maryland has a lot of nice birds - and one great blue heron that stops by every so often - but seeing the different birds today were really a treat.

I listened to some Harel Skaat and Harel Moyal on my run today.  These artists were the runner-up and winner (respectively) in Israel's version of "American Idol" - called Kochav Nolad - a few years ago.

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