Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Running Gear

Currently, I run with the following "gear":
- Brooks Glycerin 5 Shoes
- Polar S120 HRM
- RoadID w/shoe pouch
- iPod Shuffle (I used to run with my 3rd generation iPod, but switched to the lighter, flash based player)

I know that as I increase my mileage, I'll need to carry water with me. Any recommendations for a "water belt"? Or should I just run loop courses near my house and leave water on the porch?

Are there any other recommendations for gear that I have to try???


Zia said...

I run with a water bottle like this one

I like that I don't have to hold/grip it (because of the hand strap). My coach says he's not a fan of this design though because it can lead you to tense up your upper body.

I've been afraid of a water belt because I just think the extra weight and jostling will be annoying/distracting. I know many people that like their though.

In addition to hydration, you'll need to have some snacks for long runs. I like Clif Shot blocks. My rule is I chew 1 block every 30 minutes.

Mike Fox said...

Thanks Zia! I'm going to go to my local running store (Fleet Feet in Gaithersburg - they're wonderful!) and try on one of the water belts...but I may try this option as well.

As for refueling during long runs, I'm a GU guy. I usually do one pack of GU before a run (in the morning if I have not eaten yet) and then another GU pack every 45 to 60 minutes afterwards.