Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lunch Bunch

Yesterday's Total Calorie Intake:  2476
(Exercise Calories:  643)
Total Net Calories:  1833

One Shabbat (Saturday) afternoon per month, we get together with three other families who go to our synagogue for what we call "Lunch Bunch".  All four families have similar Shabbat observance - we all go to synagogue almost every Saturday morning and use the day for rest, relaxation, recreation and "family time" - and we all have kids 6 years old or under.  The kids all play nicely together and the adults can actually have adult conversations (most of the time).  Of course, the hosts usually prepare a great meal - and this week was no exception!  It was great to feast on pulled-beef brisket sandwiches...YUM!  (as you can see, my total calorie intake was a bit high yesterday...)

The only problem I had was that since this was my "stepback" week, I only ran 5 miles that morning - so I could only have one sandwich.  The next few month's lunch bunches I'll be deep into my training plan so I'll be able to really eat like a king :-)

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