Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sneaky Cross-Training

Today was a rest day for running.  However, I did get some cross training in at lunch time...a bit unexpectedly.

I brought my car in for service early this morning and I was working at the dealership (they have free WiFi in the waiting room lobby - genius move!)  However, the car needed a part that was not in stock and they could only get it in the afternoon.  So I had them drive me to my home office so I could work from there.

I had scheduled to meet some work colleagues for lunch at a restaurant 3 miles from my house...but at this point I had no car.  However, I do have a bicycle - and it was a beautiful day!

So I biked to and from the restaurant during my lunch break.  6 miles round trip.  How's that for a little cross-training???

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