Thursday, August 7, 2008

Tomorrow's Workout - 1 Mile Time Trial

I took a quick peek at the workout plan for the next few days.  Friday - 1 mile Time Trial, Saturday - Endurance Run 75+ min.

I am equally excited and nervous about tomorrow's Mile run.

I believe that the last time I ran a timed mile must have been in High School.  We ran a mile at the track - as part of the Presidential Fitness Challenge perhaps?  I don't remember much of the experience - except that I was close to last.  And most likely wheezing.  And most likely did the sprint/walk thing.  One thing I do remember is that the teacher wrote "10:00" in the book next to my name.  For all these years I was convinced that I had run a 10 minute mile - but now I have second thoughts.  What's the chances I came in exactly at 10:00?  Perhaps she was just being nice?  Maybe you needed to have a 10:00 or better for the Presidential Fitness Challenge and she was giving me the benefit of the doubt since she saw I was at least trying to run?

I don't think I'll ever know the answers as to what my time really was over 20 years ago.  I do know that I was not very physically fit and I was a bit pudgy.  My parents were smokers at the time (my mother quit right around that father still smokes, unfortunately) and years of having them smoke at the dinner table did a number on my respiratory system.  As a result, whenever I would do physical activity I would wheeze and be out of breath quickly.

Luckily, I have turned that all around.  The one great thing I know about tomorrow's Time Trial is that I'll have a new PR for the mile!

The workout earlier in the week (1200m intervals) has prepared me - and the great thing is that I know that I won't have to repeat running at that speed over and over again.  Just four times around the track and that's it!

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Rick said...

Good luck! Can't wait to see what your new PR will be!