Saturday, August 16, 2008

Two Mile Personal Record!

This morning's run was a 2 mile time trial.  The plan was to jog up to the starting line of the Kentlands/Lakelands 5K (about 0.4 mile from my house) and run the first two miles of the course.

The great news - I have a new Personal Record (PR) for two miles - 15:35!

OK...I have no previous time for two miles, so anything would have been a personal record.  However, a 7:48/mile pace is awesome for me.

The bad news - after running those two miles, I had nothing left in the tank to cover the other 1.1 miles of the course.  And right after two miles on the course is a consistent uphill incline for about a third of a mile.


I have the same 2 mile time trial on my calendar for next weekend, and an interval run at race pace earlier in the week so here's my plan:
  • Try to set my "race pace" at an 8:00/mile pace, or a tad slower
  • Run my intervals on Monday as close to an 8:00/mile pace as possible
  • Determine where the quarter-mile points on the 5K course are for the first two miles, and try to keep to the 8:00/mile pace during my 2 mile time trial next weekend by checking my time every quarter mile (should be 2 minutes per quarter mile...this will be a lot easier for me to keep pace)
I think by slowing down - even 15 seconds per mile - will give me the energy I will need to finish that third mile of the 5K.

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