Friday, August 22, 2008

Still Tired

It's been a very busy week for me.  My project at my job kicked-off its deployment phase this week.  Monday and Tuesday I was on my feet most of the day (at least the times I was not driving from site to site...I put 180 miles on my car on Monday, 80 miles on Tuesday and 65 miles on Thursday).  In total contrast, I was back in my office on Wednesday with a string of conference calls.  At one point I stood up and realized that it had been close to 3 hours since I had moved from my chair.

This has been coupled with staying up too late to watch the Olympics and being woken up in the middle of the night by our youngest son who is still fighting a bug.  Last night he was awake from 1:30am until a little after 4am - with my wife and I taking turns going into his room to calm him down and try to get him back to sleep.

Needless to say, I wasn't waking up at 5am to run this morning.

Add all this to my foot cramping up earlier, the training plan for this week has taken a back seat to life.  I was able to get the intervals workout in on Tuesday after work, and I actually was able to carve in a 45 min "Endurance Run" (instead of the 60+ min that the plan calls for) on Wednesday.  However, given the lack of sleep I was not waking up early to do the Strides workout yesterday or today.

My work schedule today quiets down after lunch (unless there are project "emergencies" that pop up), so perhaps I can do my strides then.  It's a short enough workout that I won't mind doing it outside - even in 85 degree weather.  After my 2 mile time trial last weekend, I really see the importance of the Long Strides workout - to consistently find your race pace.  I should be doing my 150m Long Strides in 45 seconds, if I want to run an 8:00/mile pace for the race.  Last week, I ran them too fast - between 37s and 41s - which led me to running the 2 mile time trial too fast.

My goal over the next 3 days:  Long Strides workout with 150m strides at 45s each and 2-mile time trial at 16:00.  Two short workouts in three days should be achievable - even with how tired I still am.

I know I can run faster and longer.  Given the situation, I need to start to run smarter.

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