Monday, February 23, 2009

Easy 3 On The 'Mill

This was my first run after donating blood at the neighborhood Blood Drive on Saturday. Normally my post-blood donation runs suck. I feel fatigued, my heart rate is elevated and I just can't seem to get going.

Nothing like lowered expectations to get you going on a Monday morning.

Ironically, this run went very well. I started off really slow - a 12:30/mile pace - and my heart rate stayed really low. So I just started bumping up the pace every quarter of a mile, until I was running at 5.6 mph - a bit faster than an 11 minute mile.

I kept it nice and easy and my heart rate never went over 151 bpm. Actually, my average heart rate for the entire run was 142 - I rarely keep it down that low, so it was especially surprising to see this after donating blood on Saturday.

Anyhow, I'm still going to take it easy this week and do an easy run tomorrow instead of speedwork.

1 comment:

Marcy said...

Dude I'm such a baby about doing anything after donating blood. Good for you! ;D