Tuesday, February 17, 2009

(Too Fast) Pace Run

This morning my plan was to do a 6 mile Pace Run.  Since I'm shooting for a sub-2:10 Half Marathon right now, my Pace Run needs to be in the neighborhood of 9:55/mile.  I set up my Garmin to show current pace in one of the windows so I could monitor how closely I was running to this pace.  I intentionally had the pace on a different screen than my heart rate reading - I had planned to follow pace this morning and not heart rate.

For what I can gather, I ended up not really following anything given my stats:  6.21 miles in 1:00:31 - a 9:45/mile (this actually doesn't look too far off the plan, except for the fact that my first mile was a slower warm-up mile).  My splits were:
10:36 - warm-up mile
9:53  - pretty spot on, but it includes a big hill
9:20 - net downhill
9:35 - net uphill actually
9:51 - another big hill
9:11 - nice strong finish (?)
2:02 (9:35 pace)

A few comments about my run this morning:
  • This pace was faster than the last 10K I ran.  Shouldn't a pace run (or a tempo run even) be slower than a race?
  • This was great for 6 miles.  At this point, however, I don't think I can sustain this pace for 13 miles.  For my next pace run, I really need to slow down.
  • How the heck am I going to be disciplined enough to get my splits to be more consistent?
For question #3, there are a few things I can do.  First of all I can ditch the iPod.  When I'm running and listening to music, I tend to drift off and not pay attention to what I'm doing.  Another thing I can do is run when it is light outside - in order for me to check my pace on this morning's run I had to turn the backlight on (not too bad, at least my Garmin has a backlight!, but it is a bit more difficult than just glancing at your watch).  Or lastly, I could do my pace run on the treadmill - but if I do I will miss out on the hill component.

I have a bit of experimentation ahead of me in regards to pace runs.  However, I'm sure I'll figure it out in the next few weeks - and hopefully ride it out to a sub-2:10 Half Marathon this spring!


Marcy said...

Tempo runs are generally 30-40 seconds slower than 5k pace OR 15-20 seconds slower than your 10k. But sometimes it's ok to throw out the rules if you're feeling good ;-)

Mike Fox said...

Agreed. However, I wasn't trying to do a Tempo run...that was the problem.

The Pace Run is supposed to mimic the pace that you are going to run in the race. I believe it's mostly used for the Marathon, but I'm using it for the Half Marathon this time around.

However, I can't say I'm TOO disappointed with running stronger than planned :-)