Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Yesterday Was Such A Fluke :-(

Yesterday's easy 3 miler was a dream come true. My heart rate wasn't elevated at the training pace I had been running at, I felt comfortable and not fatigued; it was like I didn't donate blood on Saturday.

So I was looking forward to a nice mid-week long run this morning. 5 to 6 miles. Since I need to be in Sterling, VA for work today, I left the house at 5:30am and drove to the Fitness First in Reston. In my haste to get out of the house early, I forgot my Polar HRM watch (I remembered the strap, no it was no biggie since the treadmills all have HRM sensors, right?).

They have the Life Fitness 95T treadmills like in Olney, along with some Precor treadmills. I got on one of the Life Fitness machines and my heart rate did not register. The same thing had happened with this same type of machine at the Olney Fitness First, so perhaps this model doesn't do Polar HRM? Or perhaps I happened to find the only two machines that had the HRM feature broken???

Anyhow, I jumped onto a Precor machine and it got my heart rate. So...I was off and running. And according to the treadmill, so was my heart rate. Grrrrrrrr. I thought I was in the clear after yesterday's run, but it wasn't the case. Here I was warming up at a 12:00/mile and my heart rate was already in the low 150s.

So, I had a very un-inspiring run this morning. I convinced myself at about 1.5 miles that I would only do 3 today and do the 5-6 miler on Thursday morning. The weather is supposed to be nicer, so I could run outside instead of on the 'mill - always a plus.

Sh!tty run stats: 3.0 miles in 35:09, 11:43/mile, 152 avg heart rate, 162 max. Compared to yesterday's 3 miles in 32:44 with an average heart rate of 142 - can you see why I'm so perturbed about my run this morning???

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